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We have added Rigaud to our Collection, some history for those that are new to the line...

Updated: Oct 19, 2017

The Cypres Candle by Rigaud, Paris, was discovered by Jackie Kennedy during a visit to Paris in 1960. She fell in love with the Mediterranean scent and kept the candle burning during her time at the White House.

After the war, Henri Rigaud’s son Mario, the grandson of Jean-Baptiste, took over the company. In 1957, he created the perfume “Eve Rêve,” which Louise de Vilmorin once called “the Fragrance of Paradise”. In the 1960s, his wife Viviane turned the boutique into a veritable private salon, like a boudoir where a great lady receives her peers. A lover of homes and interior decoration, blessed with unerring taste, Viviane Rigaud was also an innovator. With her husband, she was the creator of the first scented candle.Mario Rigaud developed and patented an innovative wax formula. This was an original formula for a soft wax whose main characteristic was that it perfectly revealed the natural ingredients that make up the Rigaud perfumes and allowed them to be faithfully transmitted.And that is how the Cyprès candle was born – dark green in color, presented in a container of hand-blown glass, tied with a red ribbon and with a silvered metal snuffer cap. It was the 1960s, and the Rigaud Cyprès candle was an international success. The scent of the Rigaud candle soon became the height of chic in well-appointed homes, and even in the White House when Jacqueline Kennedy was its mistress.Thus a whole new business, home fragrances, developed – a springboard for the ambition of La Maison Rigaud to play on all the wealth of the master perfumer’s organ to create subtle, refined compositions and offer exquisite luxury articles. Beginning in the 1970s, other creations – Cythère, Tournesol, Gardénia – were adding beauty to chic interiors the world over, and also became available in the form of fragrance sprays. The famous Rigaud candle was seen on the front pages of all the decorating magazines of the period.


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